Kristen Augusta,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Aromatherapist

607 - 662 - 0156

Scent with Intent
Personal Consultation
(2 or 3 individuals may book together.)
30 minutes - $30         60 minutes - $60        
Discover how essential oils can enhance your health and your sense of well being. Learn when to use them, how to use them safely, how to store them and how to support them with the proper carrier to satisfy your intentions. 

Add an Aromatherapy Massage 
75 minutes - $140
Create your own custom blended  massage oil from a selection of my Essential Oils, choose a carrier to match your intentions and relax for an hour.
This appointment includes a personal consultation, 2 ounces of your custom massage oil and the remainder of your synergistic blend to take with you at the end of your session.