Kristen Augusta,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Aromatherapist

607 - 662 - 0156
For thousands of years, people have used touch and scent to heal and enhance the healing process. Kristen Augusta uses focused touch and the art of scent to bring her clients an awareness of the balance and ease which is the basis for healing. 
Kristen first learned the theory of touch for healing and comfort as an undergraduate and later observed the ease and peace that touch and scent brought to patients isolated in long term care.

Licensed in New York as a Massage Therapist since 1998, she became a Certified Geriatric Massage Therapist soon afterward. Her experiences both theoretically and practically form the foundation of her practice and continue to push her in new and innovative directions. 

About the same time, during the late 1990s, the general public began to be increasingly  aware of the benefits that are characteristic of essential oils.

In 2001 Kristen became a Certified Aromatherapist through the Aromahead Institute and has continued to follow the developing research through on line classes as well as self study. 

Currently Kristen maintains professional memberships with the Aromahead Institute, the Tisserand Institute, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and the American Massage Therapy Association.