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Certified Aromatherapist

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WebSites and Resources I Find Informative and Useful!
Aromatics International
Aromatics International
For the budding aromatherapist as well as those experienced in the art of scent, Aromatics International is a fantastic source for all things aromatherapy. They are  a small company supporting independent
 growers and cooperative distillers from around the world.
photo courtesy of Andrea Butjea
Set among the hills of the richly bio-diverse area of southern France, the Florihana Distillery produces some of the most extraordiniary aromatic products I have found. They offer hydrolats, aromatic tinctures and absolutes as well as essential oils.
photo courtesy of Andrea Butje
Aromahead Institute 
Andrea Butje infected me witih a passion for essential oils during her first Aromatherapy Certification Class in 2001. Her clarity and willingness to share her knowledge as well as her excitement for the art of Essential Oils continues through her website, the Aromahead Institute and her on-line classes, as well as her on-site presentations in Ithaca and Florida.