Scent with Intent

     "We must realize that self-treatment, although it has its place, 
also has its limitations. Do treat yourself for simple 
common ailments, but for any long-term, or deep seated 
problems, seek professional advice."

      Robert Tisserand: the Art of Aromatherapy

Kristen Augusta,

 Licensed Massage Therapist;   

 Certified Aromatherapist 

150 Tompkins Street  Cortland, NY 13045  

phone: 607 - 662 - 0156 To schedule your appointment

To schedule an appointment please call 607-662-0156. Thank you for your patience and I will see you shortly.
Your Intentions Matter
Touch is a natural response to ease chronic pain, relax muscles, and reduce anxiety.

Essential Oils, chosen with the intention to target areas of concern, enhance the benefits of Massage 

Together they create the ideal protocol to release tension and bring about a sense of well-being.